Soap Making Workshop, May 2nd 6pm, Cambridge

Soap Making Workshop, May 2nd 6pm, Cambridge

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Join us for our intro to soap making course! We’ll walk you through the entire process, the science behind soap making, impacts of different ingredients towards your end formulation, lye safety, calculating recipes on your own, cutting and curing soap, and sourcing ingredients. 

Each participant will make their own custom batch of soap to take home (approx. 8 bars). This workshop includes all of the ingredients and supplies to make the soaps, a take-home soap mold, and an instruction booklet by The Eco Well. Participants are asked to bring their own safety glasses (sunglasses work great!), gloves, clothes that cover their arms and legs, and closed toed shoes.

Limited spots, get your tickets while they last!

David Durward Centre: 62 Dickson St, Cambridge, ON N1R 1T8

May 2 6:00 PM-9:00 PM