Masterclass: Facial Care, collaborative event with Dr. Katerina Steventon. February 24th, 9:30-5pm

Masterclass: Facial Care, collaborative event with Dr. Katerina Steventon. February 24th, 9:30-5pm

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We're so excited to present this joint event by Dr. Katerina Steventon, traveling to Canada all the way from Europe, and Jen Novakovich, Cosmetic Chemist at The Eco Well. This class will be focused on facial care, with an emphasis on skin biology. If you're hoping to confidently develop, recommend or use effective products for specific skin needs, you won't want to miss this class. Our Facial Care Masterclass is an advanced class, perfect for professional development for either Indie Beauty Brands, Estheticians, or Beauty Clerks. This class is also open to very enthusiastic DIY Beauty Makers, we'll make sure the content is accessible to everyone. You’ll receive a certificate of completion at the end of this masterclass. Note, since Dr. Steventon is traveling from Europe for this class, the ticket sale cut-off is January 27th or until sold-out; to ensure an intimate class with lots of time for Q&A, we’ve got very limited tickets available - be sure to register sooner rather than later if you'd like to join in.

Date: February 24th, 9:30-5pm
Location: 42 Carden Guelph, ON

9:30am-12pm: Skin Biology as it relates to cosmetics. Dr. Katerina Steventon

For the first part of the day, Katerina will guide us through the biology of your skin as it relates to skincare routines and cosmetic products. You’ll learn about how our skin changes with age and lifestyle, how cosmetic products interact with the skin, the science behind active ingredients, and how to build an effective skincare routine for you or your customer.

12pm-1pm: Lunch

1pm-4:30pm: Formulating for your skin, facial care products. Jen

For the second part of the day, you'll learn how to formulate some of the products that Katerina reviewed, how to use various active ingredients effectively, and how to tailor products to your skin needs. The three products we'll be making will include a facial cleanser, a facial serum, and a moisturizer. Additional topics will include surfactant science, preservation basics, pH adjusting products, and formulation builds. You'll have the opportunity to formulate, make and take-home all three products, with the option of working with a palette of ingredients that fits your own specific ethos, including EcoCert Natural and vegan ingredients.


Dr. Katerina Steventon: Katerina is a skincare scientist, facialist and writer with a MSc in clinical biochemistry and PhD in transdermal absorptions (phytoestrogen delivery for menopausal skin). Her consulting expertise stems from exploring New concepts in the area if skin care, wound prevention and running an independent skincare clinic in Yorkshire. She writes Clinical opinions in US Cosmetics & Toiletries and SPC on new concepts and strategic direction in skincare as well as consumer perceptions & clinical insights. Learn more about the work she does at

Jen Novakovich: Jen is a cosmetic chemist and director at The Eco Well. She holds two bachelors of science degrees from the University of Guelph, in Zoology as well as Nutrition and Nutraceutical Sciences, with an emphasis in cosmeceuticals. She completed her graduate studies in Cosmetic Chemistry. Jen’s business is focused on sustainable cosmetic and cosmetic science education, where she does seminars internationally and hosts a science podcast, interviewing industry leaders and scientists about all things cosmetics. Learn more about the work she does at