DIY Makeup Night, Sept 25th 6pm at Purdy Natural London

DIY Makeup Night, Sept 25th 6pm at Purdy Natural London

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Join us for our DIY Makeup Night at Purdy Natural London this September 25th! Learn how to make your own eyeliner, eyeshadow and bronzer or highlighter. We’ll be exploring color options in cosmetics, natural options, how to use colorants effectively and lots more. We’ll also cover important topics about sustainability in makeup ingredients, and making safe cosmetic products. You’ll get to make your 3 products yourself and customize them to YOU. All ingredients used in this workshop will be either natural or nature identical (you’ll have the option to use whichever you prefer) and vegan.  The price of this workshop includes all 3 products which you’ll get to customize to you, information/recipe booklets by The Eco Well and refreshments and snacks.

Location: Purdy Natural London Ontario

Date: September 25th, 6-9pm

This session will be led by Jen Novakovich, cosmetic chemist with a passion for green and science-driven formulations. She attended the University of Guelph studying Nutraceuticals, with an emphasis on cosmeceuticals, and completed her graduate studies in cosmetic chemistry. She's the director here at The Eco Well as well as the environmental organization The Eco Market.