Jennifer Camara, Fox & Bear Essentials (@foxandbearessentials)

“I found Jen's booth at a local market, and was instantly intrigued by the Healing Salve.  My baby's legs were getting bad batches of eczema, and I was curious to know if it would help.  Jen took a lot of time helping me understand how she makes her products, what goes in to her products, and most importantly, characteristics of each ingredient, and how it would help with my dilemma.  Her knowledge is very expansive!  I was really impressed by her knowledge and willingness to make sure this was the right product for my family.  I applied the healing salve to his dry patches and immediately noticed a difference.  It has become our go-to item when anyone in my family needs a little skin help.  I also bought soaps for myself, and my skin has noticed a HUGE change for the better.  I look forward to future purchases, and am glad I've got these wonderful natural products in my family's life, from a source not only committed to clean products, but educating as well.”

Angelique, Green Living Blogger (@angelique_sk)

"I’ve been using The Eco Well’s products for many months now. I first learned about the company when I attended the Guelph Veg Fest back in the summer of 2016, where Jen was selling her products. Her handmade soaps, which can be used to clean your hair, especially intrigued me. They are hands down my favourite because of how effective they are, and like all of Jen's products they're sustainable and contain clean and nourishing ingredients. I’m very particular about what I put in and on my body, so this is very important to me along with the fact that this company is vegan and cruelty-free. I also love being able to support a local company that puts a great amount of time and effort into their products. I highly recommend The Eco Well’s products and will continue to support such a wonderful and transparent company!"

Chantal, Green Living Blogger (@plant_based_positivity)

“I first saw The Eco wells products at a local Christmas market. I could not wait to try them because I have such sensitive skin and I am really careful when it comes to choosing products. I tried her healing salve first and absolutely fell in love, because Ontario winters make my hands so dry and this salve healed them so quickly! They have the best bath bombs I’ve ever used, and the soap smells and feels incredible.  I loved the products so much I just had to go to one of Jen’s DIY Beauty Lessons, and I am so happy I did! She is so passionate about educating everyone on clean, safe products, but she is also incredibly knowledgeable on how the toxins/chemicals in other products are affecting our bodies and our environment negatively. Jen, her philosophy and her products are something I stand behind 100%, and I recommend you try her products because you will not regret it!”


Marianne Wales (@mariannewales)

“I met Jen last fall at The Settlement Co. in uptown Waterloo. She was hosting a diy event teaching women how to make products such as lip balm,bath bombs and facial scrubs. Jen is very passionate about her company and teaching others about using everyday ingredients to make amazing products. If you haven't been to an event then it's time to check it out she also offers smaller classes that can be taught at home.”


Ana Castrillon, Lura Accessories (@luraaccessories)

“My son suffers from mild eczema, which exacerbates in winter. I used the turmeric soap on him and it worked so well!! The itching stopped almost completely and the redness cleared up. I have been to the workshops as well, I like them because they're informative and hands-on. I love learning about natural alternatives to regular medicine and  The Eco Well's workshops teach you just that.”