Private Classes

We offer a variety of lessons, from beginner DIY Beauty workshops making products free of water, advanced cosmetic formulating classes perfect for enthusiasts and beauty brands, and seminars that are great for very interested consumers to stores looking for professional development. Whoever you are, we've got a lesson for you! All of our lessons are taught by Jen Novakovich, cosmetic scientist, environmentalist, and director at The Eco Well. She studied Nutraceutical Sciences with a focus on Cosmeceuticals, as well as Zoology, at the University of Guelph, and did her graduate studies in Cosmetic Chemistry. Jen has a passion for green and science-driven formulations and claims, which she brings to all of her classes. You can expect an information packed class when you sign up for a lesson with us! To book us for a class, contact us through the form below.



In addition to our private workshops below, we also do pop-up public workshops, talks and seminars throughout Canada. Visit our events page to view our upcoming events! Interested in hosting us at your business place? Contact us for details. 


Service Options:


In our 2 hour seminars, you'll make 3 separate take-home products while getting an informative lesson on ingredients and formulating. This option is perfect for small to large groups. In our lessons, we explore active ingredients and how you can use them effectively, tailoring your products to you, essential oils and carrier oils, and green beauty. If you have a specific topic that you'd like to see covered, let us know in advance and we can cover it. Even if you never replicate your recipes at home (although we hope you do!!), you'll go home with the knowledge of how to understand labels and ingredient lists.  

Choice of 3 of the following products below:

    • Bath Bombs
    • Lip Balms
    • Salves
    • Body Butter
    • Hand Lotion
    • Beard Balm
    • Facial Mask
    • Facial Scrub
    • Facial Toner
    • Massage Bar
    • Facial Serum
    • Body Scrub
    • Lip Stick
    • Facial Cream
    • Facial Powder
    • Blush
    • Diaper Rash Cream
    • Baby Powder
    • Baby Oil
    • Perfume (Solid or Liquid)

Note: If there is something you'd like to make that isn't on the list above, let us know and we may be able to arrange to make that product. These products are limited to water-free formulations.

$55/person for a minimum group of 5.

$75/person for a minimum of 5 if you live within 50-200 km outside of the Kitchener-Waterloo region.




In this 2 hour workshop, you'll learn how to make natural soap. You'll be walked through the entire process of making traditional cold process soap using various oils, lye, essential oils, clay and other botanical ingredients. We'll briefly cover the chemistry of soap making, plus calculating recipes, measuring ingredients, lye safety, cutting and curing soap, and sourcing ingredients. 

Each participant will make their own batch of soap to take home (approx. 8 bars). Like our other services, all of the ingredients, tools, including a take-home soap mold, notes, instructions, and recipes will be provided. 

Note: Please bring an old towel and wear old clothes, soap making can be messy.


$130/person for a minimum group of 5 (includes your own loaf of soap (8 bars) plus a mold, all materials & safety gear for the class, instructions, notes, and other resources). Note, if you have a mold you would like to use let us know! Our molds are $30 but we'll happily deduct that cost of your workshop price!

Note: if you don't have a group, shoot us an email and we can help you connect with other soap making enthusiasts who'd like to take the class!



Already make your own cold process soap and want to learn techniques to take your soap making to the next level? Then this is the class for you! In this 2 hour workshop, you'll have the option of learning about swirling techniques, layering, creating landscapes in your bars, embedding, or learning how to make cute cupcake or cake soaps. While you'll only be making one loaf in this workshop with a single technique, you'll have the opportunity to watch other workshop participants learn another technique. To cut down on the workshop costs for you, if you already have a soap mold or two, bring them along. If you need a mold, let us know and we'll supply one for $30. Previous knowledge of everything learned in our introductory soap making workshop is required to take this class. 


Prices: $200/person for a minimum group size of 3 (includes your own loaf of soap (8 bars) plus all materials & safety gear for the class, instructions, notes, and other resources).

Note: if you don't have a group, shoot us an email and we can help you connect with other soap making enthusiasts who'd like to take the class!







These classes can be tailored as desired; we're able to cover any product type, including hair care, body care, and facial care products like shampoo, facial lotions, etc. We can also do more focused seminars on a single topic, for example, sustainable cosmetics and ingredients, active ingredients, natural perfumery, preservation, etc. These classes can be both in person or online via video chat, if you're not located in Ontario, and are offered as private one-on-one or group classes. These classes are perfect for brands wanting more training on making green products, stores wanting professional development for their staff regarding cosmetics, and DIY Beauty enthusiasts wanting to make safe and green products. Please inquire for pricing.



Contact us through the form at the end of this page to book your lesson or to inquire for more details!