Natural Formulating Webinar: Lotions & Cleansers. Sept 22 11am EST

Natural Formulating Webinar: Lotions & Cleansers. Sept 22 11am EST

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Join us this September for our first online webinar class, available to anyone around the world. In this 2-hour class, we’ll take you through some of the groundwork to start making your own natural water-based products. You’ll learn how to make the following two products: lotion and cleanser. In this seminar, we’ll cover the biology of your skin as it relates to cosmetics, formulating products at a suitable pH and why that’s important, effective natural ingredients, preservation, and more. There will be an emphasis on EcoCert and COSMOS approved formulations, but we’ll also cover synthetic ingredients, why they may be used, pros and cons, and more. This seminar is suitable for anyone wanting a good base to start making their own water-containing products.

How it works:

You’ll receive a link to our webinar 1 week prior to our class, and PDF notes to our class 3 hours before the session starts; these will cover all the points we’ll go through during the class. The session will be interactive, we’ll have a chat open for you to ask any questions that pop up.

Date: September 22, 11 am EST

This session will be led by Jen Novakovich, cosmetic chemist with a passion for green and science-driven formulations. She attended the University of Guelph studying Nutraceuticals, with an emphasis on cosmeceuticals, and completed her graduate studies in cosmetic chemistry. She's the director here at The Eco Well as well as the environmental organization The Eco Market.