DIY Oil Infusions

Oil Infusions are great ways to amp up your carrier oils. They’re simple to make, fun and add so much to your end products. Oil infusions can be used to make more flavorful cooking oils, and more fragrant, and often more therapeutic, carrier oils for making skincare products.  Have a herb in your garden, spice in your pantry or coffee in your cupboards that you’d like to use in your skincare routine? Then follow our guide on how to make an oil infusion.

How to make an Oil Infusion

You need: mason jar, carrier oil of choice, dried herb of choice

Note: non-dried herbs will introduce water into the oil which will shorten the shelf life significantly/cause your oil to go rancid, and potentially contaminate your infusion. We suggest drying out the herbs you choose for a more shelf-stable infusion.

Option 1 (our preferred method):

  1. Place cleaned dried herbs in a sterile jar, fill remaining space with oil.
  2. Stir well, cap the jar tightly.
  3. Place in a sunny window (you can place in a brown bag to avoid direct sunlight), shake once per day
  4. Leave for 2-3 weeks
  5. Strain herbs with cheesecloth
  6. Pour your oil in a sterile bottle and enjoy! Your infusion should keep for about 1 year. Feel free to add vitamin E oil to prolong your oil infusion’s shelf life.

Option 2 (if you're short on time):

  1. Place cleaned dried  herbs in sterile jar, fill remaining space with oil.
  2. Empty contents into saucepan.
  3. Put heat on VERY LOW heat, stirring, for about half an hour. Too high of heat here will take a lot of the benefits out of your carrier oil and herbs used and cause your oil to go rancid faster. If you see any bubbles forming in the oil, lower the heat.
  4. Let cool, re-sterilize jar, pour into jar. Add vitamin E to prolong shelf life.

Option 2 can be used immediately, great option if you don’t have three weeks for the first recipe.


A few favorites for oil infusions

Coffee: Gives a lovely coffee aroma to your oil and produces and produces an infusion that’s great for tired skin. Got puffy eyes in the morning or a dull complexion? Than this infusion might be for you!

Calendula: Gives a slightly herbal aroma to your oil and produces an infusion with great skin healing and anti-inflammatory effects. Calendula oil is a great go-to for cuts, irritated skin and diaper rash.

Thyme: Gives a subtle thyme aroma to your oil and imparts some anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects into your oil infusions. Thyme oil is a great go-to for blemished skin and cuts.

Rosemary: Gives a subtle rosemary aroma to your oil and produces an infusion that’s great for inflamed and tired skin. Rosemary oil is lovely for aging skin and puffy eyes and is also a great go-to for your hair.

Green Tea: Gives a subtle tea aroma and produces an infusion that’s great mature and acne-prone skin types. Green tea oil is a favorite of ours for daytime facial serums.